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General FAQ

Webmax User Manual

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Click Here to download Webmax User Manual v2 ! (Formerly known as eMax)

Is it possible to change item/customer after GST is submitted?

No. All invoices and purchases inclusive of GST that have been submitted cannot be edited. An official letter to Kastam Diraja Malaysia is required for the amendment.

Instead of using Webmax accounting, do I have any other option to do accounting?

Yes. Webmax is compatible with exporting of transaction to a third party accounting software. However, some softwares may not be compatible with Webmax.

If I have entered my username and password but it doesn't log in to Webmax, what could possibly go wrong?

Most probably you have entered the wrong username or password. Please contact our technician if you have forgotten your password.

'Server Error' message pops out after successful login, why?

Most probably one of the softwares required to run Webmax has stopped working. Please contact our technician for troubleshooting.

Sometimes, I can't view Webmax via my phone or other computers, why?

Most probably some settings have been changed on your main computer. Please contact our technician for troubleshooting.

Can I submit GST via Webmax system?

Yes. Webmax is able to export all transactions as tab return files which are compatible to be exported to Kastam Diraja Malaysia GST official website.

Why I can't see my print pop-up?

First, find the browser’s setting at the top right of it. Then click on the privacy and security setting. Find content setting and there’s is a pop-ups and redirects. After that, click allowed. This browser’s setting may made you able to see the printing pop-up.

Sales FAQ

I got a blank screen when I try to print 'Invoice/Cash', why?

Make sure the “pop-up” blocker of your browser is turned off and a PDF viewing software is installed. If the problem persists, please contact our technician for troubleshooting.

How do I change the customer if the bill was already issued?

You can edit the issued bill and change the customer if the payment has not been made. However, you need to delete the payment details under “Payment Information” if the payment has already been made. Customer Return/CN is required if GST has been submitted to Kastam.

How do I add multiple payment types in the same transaction?

When you are issuing a bill, under Payment Information section, select any one of the payment methods, enter its payment amount and click “Add”.
Next, select another payment method, enter the payment amount, and click “Add” again.

Is it possible to create job sheets using Webmax?

Yes. It can be done by using Sales Order as temporary job sheets. The display layout is customisable.

Can I cancel my Customer Return (CN) if I entered the wrong CN?

Yes. CN can be cancelled. First, select the CN and delete all of its outstanding invoices under “Contra Invoice/DN”. Next, navigate to “Item Information” section, look up “Cancel” and select it as the Item Code. Enter “1” for its Quantity, “0” for its Unit Price, and select the blank space for Tax. After that, click “Add”.

Next, scroll up to Customer, enter “Cancel” to search, then select Cancel for the Customer input field.

Lastly, click Save to save the transaction record.

Can I check customer's history?

Yes. Every customer’s history can be viewed in “Sales Order Detail” under “Viewing” section. You can also view it in “Sales Detail Report” and “Sales Summary Report” in the “Report” section.

Can I view item cost price by the time I am issuing the bill?

Yes. Item cost code is shown by default, but you can turn it off for any specific user in “User” page.

Can I view my daily sales profit?

Yes. It can be viewed in “Daily Sales Report” under “Report” section.

Can I view the details of cash payments and/or credit card payments I received in one day?

Yes. You can view all the details in “Payment Media Report” under “Report” section.

How do I view invoice sales and cash sales separately?

It can be viewed in “Sales Summary Report” under “Sales Report” in “Report” section.

How can I view my expenses with Webmax?

Expenses can be viewed in “Profit & Loss Report” under “Report” section.

Purchase FAQ

Can I check my purchase history?

Yes. It can be viewed in “Purchase Detail” under “Viewing” section. You can also view it in “Purchase Summary Report” and “Purchase Detail Report” under “Report” section.

Stock FAQ

How do I carry out a stock count/adjustment using Webmax?

Select “Stock Adjustment” under “Process” section. Click “Lookup” and select the item required to be adjusted. Enter the actual amount and the reason to change the quantity, then click on “Save” to end the process.

Accounting FAQ

How do I create a Stock Opening?

There are two methods. The first method is by creating a “Purchase”. The second method is by creating “Transfer In” under “Process” section.

How do I update my employee PCB and Socso manually?

Employee PCB and Socso can be edited in “Admin” > “Socso/PCB” under “Finance” section.

Where can I view GST collection and/or pay out?

All GST details can be viewed in “Government Tax Report” under “Report” section.

Admin & Setup FAQ

How do I add my company logo and company information?

Company information can be edited in “Company/Setup Info” under “Administrator” section.

Is it possible to generate a barcode or a QRcode using Webmax?

Yes. This function can be turned on in “Config” under “Administration” section.
Look for a function named “ENABLE BARCODE”. Enter “2D” for its Answer, then scroll down to the bottom and click Save.

Can I have multiple branches in one company?

Yes. To configure, please contact our technician for further guidance.

How do I change my user password?

User password can be changed in “User” page under “Administrator” section.

Can I change the inventory code if I entered the wrong code?

Yes. You can change it in “Change Code” page under “Administration” section.

How do I create a backup database?

Backup can be created in “Database” page under “Administration” section.
Click on “Backup Now” and wait for a while for the system to generate a backup database download link.

The link will be generated under “Backup Now” button. Click on the link to begin downloading the backup file (should be a .zip file).

After the download is finished, copy the .zip file to your secondary storage device.

I accidentally deleted the inventory code, but when I create a new code, a warning message 'code is exist' appears, what should I do?

All item codes in Webmax are never permanently deleted but only “Inactive”. You can re-activate it by editing the code to switch it back to “Active”.

Tick the “View all/Show all” checkbox. System will then list out all existing item codes. Look for the item code and set its Status back to “Active”.

Can I use my own invoice letterhead instead of system invoice letterhead?

Yes. You can remove the preconfigured company letterhead in “Config” page under “Administrator” section.

Can I include my own terms and conditions in my invoice?

Yes. You can set it by using “Invoice Sales Footer” in “Company/Setup Info” page under “Administration” section.

Can I set my own costcode?

Yes. You can configure it by using “Cost Code” in “Company/Setup Info” page under “Administration” section.

Can I set commission rates for my employee?

Yes. employee commission rates can be adjusted in “Company/Setup Info” page under “Administration” section.

Where can I manage my item GST inclusive/exclusive setting?

You can adjust the setting with “GST Inclusive” option in “Company/Setup Info” page under “Administration” section.

Why doesn't system allow me to change or edit anything when I check my previous bill?

Most probably your user role doesn’t have the rights to do so, or the transaction entry has been locked by your admin. Please refer to your administrator or contact our technician for further guidance.

Can I restrict my employee on what they are able to view in Webmax?

Yes. You can configure their user role and restriction in “User” page under “Administrator” section.

Can I have a fixed selling price for different customers?

Yes. You can define a standard for your customers with different types of standard ranging from Normal, VIP to SVIP.

From “Customer Master” page under “Administrator” section, navigate to “Type”, and select either Selling, VIP or SVIP for the selected customer.

Adjust selling prices of a stock item at “Stock Master” page under “Administrator” section.

Can I change the date on my payment voucher after I had already saved it?

It depends on your user role privilege. Only the roles of a purchaser, an admin clerk, a manager, and an admin are able to make changes for payment vouchers.

Can I trace back to the previous user who edited or deleted an item?

Yes. Any invoice editing or purchase editing can be viewed in “Transaction Log” under “Viewing” section.

Can I create my own payment voucher number for my reference?

Yes. You can manually enter the document number for payment vouchers.