Webmax Workshop

Webmax Workshop is a user-friendly web-based design for ordering, invoicing, inventory control, HR and accounting software for quick and easy developed specially for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Organizing finances in compliance with accounting standards become hassle-free. You get faster, more accurate billing and payment tracking at a click of a button. All data is backed up automatically and kept safe and secure on our servers, and uses the same encryption technology.


SMS Service Reminder – Send SMS for service reminder. Choose yourself as you think it is an opportunity of sales

Job sheet & vehicle safety checklist – Tick for the vehicle’s status and print it out for the customer’s further follow up of their own vehicle

Foreman/Salesman Commission – Track your salesperson/foreman’s commission in our system

Non-movement Stock Alert – Able to view your inventory’s stock that doesn’t sellout several day(s) that set by yourself

Online Signature – Customer’s signature and own signature through online with Smartphone, Tables or touch screen pc/notebook

Consolidated Company– Able to view and check your other company details in one place

Multi Outlet– This feature may let you to view and create sales in the same database and able to view profit and loss of each of the company and the whole company as well


Easy & saves time – No Software to install (Get started in an hour), Formula-free business accounting solution, export report to Excel spreadsheet, Design and create professional invoices, Access anytime, anywhere.

Mobile Compatible – Check your client’s order, invoice while you are at his premises, Information on your business balance sheet and profit and loss are at your fingertips, Put your new prospect’s contact detail into the phone instantly

Peace of Mind – Automatic data backups daily, Complies with managerial accounting standard, unlimited data storage space.

Cost Saving – Free customer support, No upfront hardware, software or maintenance, Automatic software and feature updates.

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Overview Of Webmax

Qty Stock On Hand • Daily Collection: Cash, Credit Card, Cheque or Debit card • Daily/monthly gross profit • Gross profit – Expenses = Net Profit/loss in daily, monthly or yearly.



  • Daily / Monthly Sales
  • Item Price
  • Customer outstanding
  • Customer history
  • Salesman / Foreman performance
  • Salesman/ Foreman commission
  • Service reminder



  • Daily / Monthly Purchase
  • Item Purchase Price
  • Supplier outstanding
  • Supplier history



  • Monthly / quarterly SST summit
  • SST detail listing for input/output tax
  • Closing lock entry for submitted SST



  • Reporting of Trial Balance
  • Journal Entry
  • Reporting of Profit and loss
  • Reporting of Balance Sheet


RM 150

MonthlyTrack sales, expenses & profit
Free Update
Free Support
1 User
30 Reports

Webmax ESSENTIALMost Popular

RM 200

MonthlyWebmax BASIC + SST, Supplier and Stock
Free Update
Free Support
3 Users
30 Reports

Webmax PLUS+

RM 300

monthlyWebmax ESSENTIAL + Accounting Module
Free Update
Free Support
5 Users
30 Reports