Wholesale and distribution businesses are similar in many ways. Webmax B2B is an inventory management, accounting and contact management software has been designed for the wholesaler and distributor in mind. With a focus vigorous inventory management features, Webmax helps your wholesale business automate and streamline processes across all department. Webmax may help your business to eliminate the need to manage data in multiple, stand-alone systems.


  • B2B is a software system designated for wholesalers. Customers can place order on-line, check on-line product and price lookups, salesperson can logon to place order, view inventory, check price etc. for their customers. Webmax B2B also a web-based business to business ecommerce component.
  • Salesman check stock availability real time or via mobile apps
  • Dealer to place order (self-service) or emax b2b
  • Support multiple warehouses – Able to view other branches details (stock,sales,order and etc)
  • GPS tracking – Able to view the current deliver live location
  • Delivery by invoice – Make delivery by invoice


  • With Webmax B2B, your customers can order stock through a link in internet. What your customers need to do is just connect to the internet and receive a link from you, lastly enter the username and password that given by the distributors. At the end, they can just easily order in the link.