Webmax ERP Software for Transportation and Logistics Industry is a user-friendly business application that provides real-time insight you need to deliver higher customer satisfaction. Webmax ERP Software for Transportation Industry backs all aspect of the process right from planning and execution to payment. Software for your efficient transport management: covering everything from order entry, and planning – also with automated tour planning – to freight invoicing, fleet management and Business Intelligence Systems for evaluating your data. Our logistics software is used by companies for SME companies


Carrier Contact Management – Allows the ability to view and compare contracts and costs with ease through the use of digitalized contracts, Real-time tracking of terms and agreements, Contract alerts when it’s time for renewal.

Reporting and Analytics – Offers scrubbed invoices that allow for thought-out business decisions on things like freight spend, Optimized historical shipment data for greater referencing, Display distribution patterns, Review of industry, Insight info demand/order forecast.


Scalability and Reach – Extend your geographical capability and increase load capacity utilization in sectors where access may not be available. Webmax’s smart technology enables you to scale up when needed while being able to cut down on overhead costs significantly.

Increase Operational Efficiency – Improve delivery performance using our state-of-the art fleet and routing optimization as well as removing human error and manual processes. More efficient vehicle routing leads to improved asset optimization as more jobs become geographically available, with little additional effort required.

Massive Cost Saving – By utilizing the power of Artificial Intelligence, Webmax’s autonomous dispatch continuously finds the most effective way to manage your vehicles. It helps you cut down cost and open doors to increased revenue by using advanced algorithms and machine learning to achieve greater efficiency and reduce labour costs throughout your operations.

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