1. All references to the term “Site” is to this Internet Site, and Webmax Accounting Software, Webmax Pro, Webmax Pro v3, Webmax Biz, Webmax B2B Software (hereinafter “Products”); the terms “you” and “your” refer to a visitor of this Site or a user of our Products and each of the terms “Webmax”, “us”, “our” and “we” refers collectively to Webmax Technologies Sdn. Bhd., its affiliates (included but not limited to, M Studio Development PLT), employees, directors and representatives
    1. “Personal Data” means data, whether true or not, about an individual who can be identified from that data, or from that data and other information to which an organisation has or is likely to have access. Common examples of personal data could include name, identification number and contact information.
  2. Webmax is committed to maintaining the privacy of our customers or persons visiting our Site or using our Products. This page sets out our policy on how we manage your commercial data and personal information. This policy is intended to help you understand how we manage the commercial data and personal information that we collect, hold, use and disclose, how you can seek access to and correction of that information and, if necessary, how you can make a complaint on our handling of that information.
    1. Device Information
      1. We collect client(s) and supplier(s) information you provide when you use our Site and our Products, including your supplier company details, your supplier contacts details, your issued commercial document (such as invoice and customer return/credit note) details, your customer company details, your customer contact details, your customer shipping address.
      2. You agree not to submit any information to us which is inaccurate or misleading, and you agree to inform us of any inaccuracies or changes to such information. We reserve the right at our sole discretion to require further documentation to verify the information provided by you.
      3. You agree not to submit any information to us which is inaccurate or misleading, and you agree to inform us of any inaccuracies or changes to such information. We reserve the right at our sole discretion to require further documentation to verify the information provided by you.
    2. Personal Information
      1. You may be asked for personal information if you want to take advantage of specific services, we offer such as, but not limited to, e-mail inquiries (contact us), survey, social sharing features (such as the Facebook “Like” button or other tools) or specific promotions. It is entirely up to you whether or not you wish to provide any personal data or information to us. If you elect to provide such information or personal data (“Personal Data”) to us or if you provide such data to us in the course of accessing or us in the Site or the Products, you are deemed to have expressly consented to our collection, processing, usage and retention of such Personal Data. We may automatically collect non-personal information about you such as the type of internet browsers you use or the website from which you linked to our website. We may also aggregate details which you have submitted to the Site or the Products (for example, your age and the town where you live). You cannot be identified from this information and it is only used to assist us in providing an effective service on this Site or the Products. We may from time-to-time supply third parties with this non-personal or aggregated data for uses in connection with this website.
      2. This Site or the Products do not automatically capture or store personal information, other than logging the user’s IP address and session info such as the duration of the visit and the type of browser used. This is recognized by the web server and is only used for system administration and to provide statistics which we use to evaluate use of the Site and the Products.
      3. Parts of our Site and our Products use cookies to store information on your computer to enhance your experience of utilizing our Site and our Products and to store preferences and session information. Your experience of sections of this Site or of our Products may be degraded if you do not enable cookies to be stored on your computer or device.
  3. Other Data
    1. As with most websites and mobile applications, your device sends information which may include data about you that gets logged by a web server when you browse our Site and/or Products. This typically includes without limitation your device’s Internet Protocol (IP) address, computer/mobile device operating system and browser type, type of mobile device, the characteristics of the mobile device, the unique device identifier (UDID) or mobile equipment identifier (MEID) for your mobile device, the address of a referring web site (if any), the pages you visit on our Site and/or Products and the times of visit, and sometimes a “cookie” (which can be disabled using your browser preferences) to help the site remember your last visit. If you are logged in, this information is associated with your personal account. The information is also included in anonymous statistics to allow us to understand how visitors use our Site.
    2. Our mobile applications may collect precise information about the location of your mobile device using technologies such as GPS, Wi-Fi, etc. We collect, use, disclose and/or process this information for one or more purposes including, without limitation, location-based services that you request or to deliver relevant content to you based on your location or to allow you to share your location to other Users as part of the services under our mobile applications. For most mobile devices, you are able to withdraw your permission for us to acquire this information on your location through your device settings. If you have questions about how to disable your mobile device’s location services, please contact your mobile device service provider or the device manufacturer.
  4. Location Data
    1. Users with the “Transporter” user role will need to agree to turning on location and GPS services in your mobile device to enable a Transporter user’s coordinate data to be transmitted to our server automatically every 60 seconds. User’s transmitted coordinate data will form a route for users with “Administrator” user role in our mobile application “Webmax Pro v3” to keep track and trace a Transporter’s complete route in our mobile application “Delivery” module.
    2. Webmax Pro v3 collects location data to enable Transporter users’ location data transmission even when the app is running in the background.
  5. Cookies
    1. A cookie is a small file saved on a user’s computer to help store preferences and other information that is used on web pages that they visit. Cookies can save a user’s settings on certain websites and can sometimes be used to track how visitors get to and interact with websites. It’s important to clarify that cookies do not collect any personal data stored on your hard drive or computer. To find out more about cookies, visit allaboutcookies.org.
  6. How Webmax uses Cookies
    1. Webmax works with carefully selected and monitored partners who help us use cookies to provide site analytics. Analytics help us to understand how visitors are interacting with a site in order to optimize the site to enhance visitors’ experience. Some of these partners may also set cookies during your visit to support customization of adverts that you may see elsewhere on the Internet.
  7. Why does Webmax use cookies?
    1. Webmax is constantly searching for new ways to enhance its website(s) and improve the service it delivers to you. Webmax uses different types of cookies, as mentioned below. Some of these cookies require the online user’s prior permission (advertising cookies) before they can be installed on the user’s device.
  8. How to delete Cookies
    1. You have control over these cookies: you can block them, remove them or manage the cookie settings.
    2. If you would like to disable/block our cookies from your hard drive, you can find out about removing them at http:// www.allaboutcookies.org /manage-cookies /index.html. In addition, you may refer to the information set out below. Please note that the information set out below is only for guidance and recommendation purposes only. Webmax shall not be liable for any consequences resulting from the guidance set out below.
    3. On a computer
      1. There are two ways to uninstall cookies.
        1. The first way is to use your web browser to see the cookies already installed on your computer and delete them either individually or all at once.
        2. Apple Safari: “Privacy” section in the “Preferences” menu, area dedicated to “Cookies and other site data”;
        3. Google Chrome: “Privacy and security” section in the “Settings” menu, an area dedicated to “Cookies and site data”;
        4. Microsoft Internet Explorer: “Tools” menu, “Internet Options” section, then “General” then “Browsing History”, then “Settings”, “Temporary Internet Files and History Settings” window, and finally “View files”;
        5. Microsoft Edge: “Settings” menu, “Cookies and site permissions” section, “Manage and delete cookies and site data” window, and finally “See all cookies and site data”;
        6. Mozilla Firefox: “Tools” menu, “Options” section, “Privacy” subsection, dedicated “Remove individual cookies” functionality.
      2. You can also delete cookies manually by following the steps below:
        1. Go to your workstation and select the “Windows” folder in C:\
        2. Open the “Temp” folder and select all files (CTRL+A)
        3. Right-click on your mouse, and choose the “delete” option
      3. You can also configure your web browser to block cookies or display a warning before any cookies are installed. The steps to follow vary from one browser to another, but you can typically find instructions in the browser’s “Help” menu. The browser you use to access Webmax websites can be configured independently on each device.
    4. On a smartphone or tablet
      1. Cookies can be removed or deleted as follows:
        1. Android: Go to the “Privacy & security” section in the “Settings” menu. From there, you can choose “Clear cache”, “Clear passwords”, “Clear all cookie data” and “Clear form data”. You can also configure these functionalities not to save cookies.
        2. Google Chrome: in the “Settings” menu, go to “Advanced options”, then “Clear browsing history”, then the data you wish to delete.
        3. Apple browser under iOS 8: “Settings” button, then in the “Safari” tab, select “Block Cookies” and choose one of the options available.
        4. “Always Allow”, “Allow from Websites I Visit”, “Allow from Current Websites Only” or “Always Block”. Under iOS 7 or earlier, you can choose between the options “Always”, “From third parties and advertisers” and “Never”.
    5. Uninstalling or blocking the cookies used on Webmax websites can impede or even prevent your use of these websites.
    6. By using our Site or our Products, you agree to the use of cookies and other technologies as set out in this policy. You are free to block our cookies & adjust your browser settings accordingly.
  9. Types of cookies Webmax uses
    1. Webmax may use one or several of the cookies discussed here. Cookies can be transient (a “session” cookie), in which case they last only as long as your browsing session on the website, or persistent, with a longer lifespan depending on the lifespan assigned to them and your browser settings. There are many different types of cookies. They can be classified into four broad groups as follows:
      1. Strictly necessary cookies
        The cookies strictly necessary for the provision of an online communication service over electronic means are essential for the Site or the Products to work properly. Disabling them will make it very difficult to use the Site or the Products, or even impossible to use the services it offers. These cookies do not retain any information about you after you leave the website. They are used, for example, to identify devices for routing the communication, to number the “packets” of data in order to route them in the right order, and to detect transmission errors or data losses.
      2. Functional cookies
        Functional cookies are strictly necessary for the provision of an online communication service expressly requested by the user. They provide a user-specific functionality. If these cookies are uninstalled, it will prevent the service being provided. Functional cookies can collect personal data. For some cookies, this        information can be retained after the end of your browsing session on the website, and sent to partners, solely for the purposes providing necessary services. They include, for example, cookies that save user preferences such as language, “user session” cookies (that identify the user when he or she navigates on several pages, and which retain data only for the duration of the browser session), and “shopping basket” cookies.
      3. Audience measurement cookies
        Audience measurement cookies are used to recognize visitors when they return to the Site. These cookies store only an online user “identifier” (specific to each cookie) and are not, under any circumstances, used to collect nominative information about visitors. They record the pages visited, the length of the visit and any error messages, so that we can improve the browsing experience on Webmax websites.Audience measurement cookies can be installed and managed by partners, but we limit their use to the statistical analysis requested.
      4. Targeted advertising cookies and social media tracking cookies generated by social media sharing buttons.
        Targeting and tracking cookies allow third parties to provide services, mainly advertising, and enhance their effectiveness. These cookies can retain the web pages and websites you visit, and collect personal data, primarily the IP address of the device used by the online user. The information collected can be shared with third parties.For example, these cookies allow Webmax’s advertising departments to display advertisements that match your centers of interest, based on your browsing history on Webmax websites, or limit the repetition of advertisements. These cookies require your permission: a clearly visible banner will appear on the website page to request your permission to install these cookies.Webmax and third-party providers, including Google, use proprietary cookies and third-party cookies in conjunction to obtain information and optimize and display advertisements based on the user’s visits to the Site. Webmax and these providers also use these two types of cookies to determine the relationship between the visits recorded on the Site and the advertisements viewed on the screen, other uses of advertising services and the interactions with the advertisements viewed and the advertising services. Lastly, Webmax and these providers use these two types of cookies to remember your centres of interest and your demographic data with a view to offering you targeted advertising.Webmax uses what are known as social plug-ins (which we will refer to below as buttons) to link back to social networks such as Facebook and WhatsApp.When you visit our Site, these buttons are disabled by default, i.e. they do not send any information to the social networks concerned unless you do something. Before the buttons can be used, you have to activate them by clicking them. The buttons remain active until you disable them again or delete your cookies. Once activated, the system establishes a direct link to the server of the social network selected. The content of the button is then transferred directly from the social networks to your web browser, which integrates them into the website you visited.Once you have activated a button, the social network concerned can collect data, whether or not you use the button. If you are logged into a social network, the network can attribute your visit to the website in question to your user account. When you visit other Webmax websites, your visit will not be linked up with the initial website until you activate the corresponding button on these websites too.If you belong to a social network and don’t want the social network to establish a link between the data collected during your visit to our website and the information recorded when you registered, you must log out of the social network in question before activating the buttons.Please note that we have no influence on the volume of data collected by the social networks through these buttons. To know the volume of data collected and the reasons for collecting it, as well as how the information is processed and used by the social networks, and your rights and configuration options for protecting your privacy, please read the privacy terms of the social networks concerned.
    2. Social Network
      1. com, is operated by Meta Platforms (formerly known as Facebook Inc.), 1601 Willow Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA (“Facebook”). You will find a list of Facebook plugins and thumbnails at the following address: https:// developers.facebook.com /docs /plugins. For more information about Facebook’s privacy policy, please visit: www.facebook.com /about /privacy/. You can also block Facebook social plugins with add-ons for your browser, for example with the “Facebook Blocker”.
      2. com or web.whatsapp.com – also being operated by Meta Platforms (formerly known as Facebook Inc.). For more information about WhatsApp’s privacy policy, please visit: https:// www.whatsapp.com /legal /privacy-policy.
    3. By using our Site, you agree to the use of cookies and other technologies as set out in this policy. You are free to block our cookies & adjust your browser settings accordingly.
      1. Holding and protecting your personal information
        Personal information submitted by you may be stored in physical or electronic form either on our own systems or the systems of our service providers. The personal information is protected using appropriate safeguards. We also require our service providers to follow strict security standards and bind them with obligations of confidentiality when holding and processing any personal information.
      2. Purposes for which we may collect, use and disclose your personal information.
        You may be asked for personal information if you want to take advantage of specific services, we offer such as, but not limited to, e-mail enquiries (contact us), survey, social sharing features (such as the Facebook “Like”, or the WhatsApp “Share to…” options, or other tools) or specific promotions. In each case, we will only use the personal information you provide to deliver the services you have told us you wish to take part in. You will be given an opportunity to opt-out of further contact if you wish. If you would prefer that we not collect any personally identifiable information from you, please do not provide us with any such information. We may share your personal data with third party suppliers or service providers. These suppliers and service providers are contractually obligated to keep your personal data confidential and secure, and they are required to use your personal data only for the needs of the services that were entrusted to them.
      3. Disclosure of personal information to third parties
        We receive services from other related Webmax companies and external service providers, some of which may be located outside your country of residence (see the additional section below titled “Overseas Disclosures”), and your information may be provided to them for this purpose.

        1. Third parties to whom we disclose your personal information may include:
          1. Related Webmax companies outside your country of residence;
          2. Persons to whom disclosure of your personal information is necessary in order for us to provide or manage any services or transactions requested by you including:
          3. Service providers, such as mail services, delivery agencies; service and support agencies; customer service agents;
          4. Service providers to whom we subcontract any tasks under our agreements (if any) with you.
          5. Legal, audit, settlement, valuation and any other professional service providers under a duty of confidentiality to us;
          6. Analytics and market research service providers who provide marketing, market research, or other related services relating to promotion of our business;
          7. Insurers, assessors and underwriters;
          8. Fraud reporting agencies;
          9. Any potential investors, purchasers or persons wishing to acquire an interest in any part of our business from time to time; and
          10. Any person to whom we are under an obligation to make disclosure under the requirements of any law, rules, regulations or guidelines including, regulators, governmental bodies or industry recognized bodies (all or some of which may be in or outside your country of residence)
          11. Overseas Disclosures.
    4. As a result of the management structure some recipients of personal information within Webmax may not be located in the country of your residence. Your information may be transmitted from time to time to our sister company and system software development partner Synermax Consulting Pte Ltd (https:// www.synermax-consulting.com) which is located in Singapore. Synermax Consulting Pte Ltd may in turn be required to disclose the information we share with them under a foreign law.
    5. When we do share information as above, we remain responsible for that disclosure and will ensure that your personal information is handled according to the requirements of law.
    6. Requesting correction of your personal information
      You are entitled to request that we correct/rectify information that we hold about you. If you would like to do so, please contact the privacy officer using the contact details below.
      Any corrective action by us will normally be done within 30 days of a request. We will notify you of any delay in writing.
      Correction of information is provided free of charge.
    7. Complaints and disputes
      If you believe your rights under this privacy policy, or otherwise under law, have been breached, as a first recourse you must contact our Privacy Officer in writing (using the contact details provided below), setting out sufficient details of your grievance, the affected personal data and contact details. Upon receipt of your complaint, we will carry out an internal investigation and may contact you during this period for further information. Subject to your   timely cooperation, we generally endeavor to provide a formal response    setting out the results of our investigation and whether we agree that your rights have been breached, within 30 days of receiving your complaint. If we fail to deal with your complaint to your satisfaction, you may refer the complaint to the appropriate privacy authorities in your country of residence.