– Webmax CRM Cloud helps you to identify prospects, acquire customers, build loyalty and deliver an exceptional customer experience. The centralized cloud based CRM solution from a market leading software provider helps you access details of your leads and customers from anywhere expediting your sales and customer service, giving you the best ROI.

The Webmax ERP Cloud allows the users to ‘Track and Automate’ the business operations by –

Efficiently monitoring the flow of goods and services in your organization and track all supplier activities. Auto generate balance sheets, P&L statements, and upcoming expenses to ensure a smooth supply chain function for enhanced organizational productivity.

Maintain history of all financial transactions, invoices, purchase orders, inventory and product related changes, to allow you to look at the past data for trends and plan future.

The tool is compatible with most of the POS printers and allowing usage of multiple currencies.

Automating invoices, discounts and credit notes to avoid delays in generating these and cut down on human errors.

Export and Import options, for the ease of managing your Vendors and Customers.

Create master settings for financial year, generate auto numbering for invoices and products to standardize the format used across the organization.

Connect your employees, suppliers and customers to a common data source to make sure the data access is consistent across.

Automates all your inventory related processes. Integration of inventory management with product management and store management allows real time access to all product related details such as stock levels across different stores and locations.

Accurate and real-time reports help you to be aware of stock out, general ledger, sales and month end variation. Get a comprehensive view of all products that have been ordered, delivered and purchased.

Ensure your business is using the right tool by using Webmax products, a leading BPM software provider. Our customers say that using Webmax ERP Cloud (Enterprise Resource Planning) eliminates redundant enterprise processes, dramatically lowering the cost of doing business overall.Do you plan to automate your processes or to have a better inventory and sales monitoring system? Enquire today. Ask us more information about Webmax ERP Cloud.