Customer Relationship Management

Webmax CRM Cloud helps you to identify prospects, acquire customers, build loyalty and deliver an exceptional customer experience. The centralized cloud based CRM solution from a market leading software provider helps you access details of your leads and customers from anywhere expediting your sales and customer service, giving you the best ROI.

Providing options to track campaign details, by real-time status reports. The campaign objective, expected responses, and status type are set for ease of reporting. You can automate tasks required to be fulfilled at different sales stages and cut down manual efforts.

By using classifications and sales stages, track leads and opportunities in a systematic and structured way. Converting current leads into opportunities enables to filter out leads.
Plan your approach to sales depending upon the type, source, and industry of each lead.

Maintain a centralized storage for documents, with options to search, tag and share. Define permission based access.

Ease of managing customer queries and important tasks, by options such as assign tasks and activities. The tool also allows the prioritization of the tasks.

Providing reports and statuses via intuitive graphs. Gain insights into customer preferences and demand patterns based on historical sales reports in an excel format or a graphical representation.

In-built email client for consistency in the layout and user adaptability to help track and organize emails better.

Assign tasks, add documents, and import/export against accounts, contacts and opportunities.

The dashboard gives you a holistic view of what is happening within your sales and customer services team via interactive graphs.

Our customers say that using Webmax CRM Cloud has helped them in making their customers delighted, by timely and accurate responses, providing them with more time, to focus on better conversions. Build stronger relationships with your clients through Webmax products, an innovative software provider. Is customer support being an extra cost and effort to your organization? Allow us to share more information about Webmax CRM Cloud if you plan to automate, customer and lead management.